An Occupational Therapist’s Perspective on the Silent (or not-so-silent from where I sit) Tragedy Affecting Today’s Children

When I saw this short article posted on Facebook, I was super excited that this important message was again getting out to so many people. Occupational Therapist Victoria Prooday hits the nail on the head in her blog post “The Silent Tragedy Affecting Today’s Children.”  In this article, Ms. Prooday states:

It is scientifically proven that the brain has the capacity to rewire itself through the environment. Unfortunately, with the environment and parenting styles that we are providing to our children, we are rewiring their brains in a wrong direction and contributing to their challenges in everyday life.

She goes on to give very specific examples of what is going wrong and how we can parent differently. You will find it is very much in keeping with my past posts while also providing some very practical ways that we can re-tool what we are doing as parents. Please read this article and share with your friends as well!



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