The Power of Mindfulness in Education: Let Your Light Shine  – an edWebinar

Presented by Ali Smith, Author of Let Your Light Shine, and Executive Director of the Holistic Life Foundation; Dr. Carlton W. Parks, Professor, Alliant International University; Dr. Laura Mueller, Interim Program Director, School Psychology, Alliant International University; and Dr. Kristy Pruitt, Dean of the California School of Education, Alliant International University

Co-Sponsored by Penguin Random House Education and Alliant International University

About the Webinar

Learn about the transformative power of mindfulness in education. Penguin Random House Education and Alliant International University have partnered to bring authors and educational leaders together for a two-part series focused on providing expertise, guidance, and resources to educators seeking to amplify their impacts.

This first session features Ali Smith, author of Let Your Light Shine: How Mindfulness Can Empower Children and Rebuild Communities (TarcherPerigee), Alliant’s School of Education Dean Dr. Kristy Pruitt, and professors Dr. Carlton Parks and Dr. Laura Mueller.

This edWebinar is of interest to educators of all levels.

The webinar is available to watch here:



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